Friendy Emotions is an app that helps your kids to manage their feelings. Based on the real-life doll Friendy helping kids in more than 500 kindergardens all-over Skandinavia, it is now available for you too.
Moo for Kids HD - an iPad app for the smallest children. Clap, hear and smile! Easy to use and fun to play.
We have more apps - all our apps have iPhone or iPad versions, or can be played on both. In addition some of the apps have Lite versions, so you can try out before buying. You can also watch the videos of apps in action and read more about each app.
Apr 2014 04

It is spring out there. Everyone and everything is reviving, getting more energy and life. The same with our website. It is redesigned to give you a smoother experience and help us communicating with you. We also have plans on updating and improving our apps for the better.

Image courtesy of amenic181 /

Image courtesy of amenic181 /

What have changed?

The site has become fully responsive, meaning that you can view it without problems on iPhone, iPad, other smart phones, tablets and desktop. The page loads faster (even though this depends on your network too) and responds better to your touches and clicks. We have also significantly improved the design and look of the website. However we left the main elements of the “old” design too, so you should feel familiar if you visited us before.

Lastly, we have added a new section called “Where to start”. Hopefully it will help those who are coming to the site for the first time to quickly get acquainted with us and what we have to offer. If you haven’t done so yet, take a look at “Where to start”.

What is coming next?

Next in our plans is to update several of existing apps. For example, at the moment you cannot hear the names of the animals in our animal games. We are going to add this feature. In addition, there will be other improvements such as speed, stability and overall play experience of the apps.

So stay on the lookout and don’t miss the updates: subscribe to our newsletter or like us on facebook!

Dec 2013 30

Dear friends! We wanted to wish you all the best in the upcoming new year! And therefore we offer you our latest app Friendy at the 50% discount until January 1 of 2014.

Are you wondering why to get the app? Take a look at the following video to find the answer!

You can download it from the iTunes – here!

Happy new year!

Oct 2013 16

Finally we got our new app “Friendy Emotions” out into the wild. As open and sincere as possible hope we that it will be useful and liked by you. Why? Because it will help your children to:

Become more confident

The app is based on the EQ, emotional intelligence, concept and rolls around six basic feelings that we experience: anger, sadness, fear, happiness, being grumpy and calm.

Why do we get these feelings? What to do and not to do when you experience them? How do you look and feel when you have a certain feeling? How do you calm yourself or others down?

If your child can answer these questions, the first step in building the self-confidence is done.

Minimize stress

One of the biggest benefits you and your child can get from the app is learning to cope with different emotions and situations that cause them. We are always in a hurry, stressed out, angry at someone, sad or afraid of something. Can we help our kids to escape all that? Probably not and shouldn’t. All of these feelings are valid and impossible to avoid.

But we can help them to cope with it easier. Do you know what a big difference for your child a simple acceptance and confirmation of his or her feeling can make? Just try it the next time – say: “Yes, you are sad. I want to help you. Let’s see what we can do here”.

Build better relationships

Being able to handle feelings in a constructive way lays the ground for better relationships later in life. Either being able to help their friends or just knowing what is ok or not to do goes the big way. Empathy, ability to understand others comes next. It does not come overnight. It builds up slowly. But we can definitely help our children by learning and talking to them about it.

And simply feel better

The main purpose of the app is to help the kids to feel better. As we discussed above, the child will learn to handle their feelings, feel more confident, experience less stress and develop social abilities. We showed you just a few examples. You will find more in the app – in the language that your child can understand.

No strings attached. Go ahead, read about it on the AppStore and make your mind. You know best what your children need.

Jul 2013 31

Wow, it’s been a while since the last post here. Summer, vacations and work on the new Friendy app take the time… But now we are back!

So how is the new app going? (We wrote what the app is about a number of times so I do not repeat it here). It is fully functional and we have submitted it to Apple back in May. And guess what? We got a stop! The reason – Friendy seems to have an objectionable content to them. In other words they tell us that Friendy looks naked. Judge yourself – the picture of the doll that was used in the game is below:


Feb 2013 02

Last year we have posted an article discussing what makes the app children-friendly. After it got posted I started to think about the parents also. Shouldn’t the kids’ app be parents-friendly in the first place? Let’s see how we could enhance the apps to keep both parties happy!

 Children-friendly features making the app parent-friendly

As we talked in the mentioned article, there are many aspects that make an app children-friendly or not. For example it should not contain in-app purchases and ads disturbing child’s attention. In addition, it should be easy and intuitive to use the app. Finally, it should provide a value for the kids – it is just great if they can improve some practical or social skills while playing! Or just learn something new.

Guess what? Of course if the app satisfies these criteria, it is just great for the parents too! You do not have to help your kids out of the advertisement’s trap. You don’t have to constantly help the kid with navigation while he or she plays. You don’t have to worry about your credit card being ripped off via the in-app purchase! And you know that kids are not just wasting their time – they are learning. Can it get even more parents-friendly than that? I hope so.

Enhancements making an app even more parents-friendly

Well, there are some things on the top that can make an app appeal parents better.

Most of the parents are scared of noisy games. Therefore we suggest that the apps with “screamy” and disturbing sounds do not fall into the parents-friendly category. On the opposite, if the sounds and melodies are moderate and non-obtrusive (or can even be switched off) then the app is more acceptable for us, ever-tired parents. In short, parents-friendly apps should spare our ears!

And one more thing that makes the app parent-friendly is a balance between occupying the child for an extensive period of time and not making him or her over-excited. It is great if the kid can play during the longer waiting time or a car drive and not get bored. What we don’t want however is a child who cannot calm down after that. Unfortunately this may be sometimes the case with the addictive competition-style games. Therefore be cautious when you are choosing!

We hope that you find as many parents-friendly apps as possible (join our newsletter and learn how!). We also strive to make sure that our own apps satisfy as much of the above as possible. Do you think there is something more to add to the list? What makes YOU, a parent, like the app? What doesn’t? Tell us in the comments!


Dec 2012 24

Dear friends!

Today is probably one of the most celebrated and important days in the year! Not only we survived the End of the World a few days ago (phew!) but we are also meeting a magical and wonderful Christmas today.

We wish you and your kids calmness, happiness and joy this day! If you have a free day, it is probably the best time to spend together with your kids. Let’s put our iPads and iPhones aside (I shouldn’t have said that) and go out to play with them and perhaps create something like this (if you are lucky enough to have snow!): Or something like this if you are lucky enough not to have snow: Merry Christmas to all of you!

Dec 2012 07

Today I am happy to post an interview that we made just recently with Maria-Pia Gottberg. She is one of the creators of the doll Friendy which aims to help children to understand and accept their emotions.

I have written a few times about our upcoming app and finally decided to interview Maria-Pia herself. Who else can describe and tell about the concept than its creator? And she did. The interview is full of the tips that you can use right away. At the same time just in a few weeks you will be able to grab the app, play with Friendy and feel the difference it makes in your relationships with kids.

Here we go, our quick interview about Friendy:

Let us know what do you think in the comments! Also, follow us on Facebook and make sure you do not miss the app!

Nov 2012 10

We are exited to announce that today we have updated the “Lite” versions of two our apps – Moo for Kids Lite and Animal Tiles for Kids Lite. We have been waiting for this for a long time and now it is there to show you the real potential of the full versions. Let’s discuss and take a look at each of the apps!

Moo for Kids Lite

This is a free app aiming to show you a preview of the Moo for Kids iPhone game. Its flow, animations and graphics are exactly the same as of the full game with the only limitation of 3 animals instead of 20.

The game is easy and fun to play, it is suitable for the toddlers and kids of 2-3 years old. Guess which animal said “Moo” and smile!

You can see how it actually works in the video below (just a note – the video is showing a full version):

Just download it here!

Animal Tiles for Kids Lite

This is another free app that we have. Here kids are collecting little puzzles in order to see the animal show! The game was designed to help kids to improve fine motor skills, logical thinking and problem solving skills. And to have fun too!

Let us show you a preview video of the app (and again – it is a preview of the full app, but you will get the idea):

Yeah, please enjoy them and have a great time with your kids! The apps are totally free and you can download them in the iTunes – Moo for Kids Lite and Animal Tiles for Kids Lite.

By the way, a kind reminder that we are running a crowd-funding campaign! Please support us and get the payback yourself! Thank you!


Nov 2012 02

If you have followed us for a while you already know that there is something big happening. We have teamed up with the company Mental Picture which is focused on helping kids to cope with their emotions. Currently they do it with the help of a specially designed toy Friendy. And very soon it will become an app. Or should we say “THE app”.


First things first

To start with, what is it all about? We have mentioned it a few times and will shortly do it here. The dolls that you have just seen deal with 6 basic feelings – anger, sadness, fear, discontent, happiness and calmness. Psychologists say that these feelings are the most common in our lives and many other emotions that we experience build on their top. Thus understanding these basic feelings may help us and our children tremendously in the everyday live.

Each feeling may be discussed with kids separately. You just take the doll and talk. Why does it happen? How to cope with it? When did you have it last time? What did you do? What should you do next time? Children can draw different feelings and situations, act themselves mimicking particular feeling, learn to accept and not be afraid of these emotions, learn to express and talk about them.

And now – you will be able to pick up the app and do the same! It is in the state of active development and will be released in early February. Kids will be able to do everything they could with real dolls and even more. It will be interactive, interesting and engaging. Check out some of the animations that we have created:

What are the positive effects? Children get to know themselves better – they build the self-esteem, manage to cope with negative emotions and stress, learn what they could do in the case they feel a particular emotion. As a result, they also become more empathic, able to communicate and build the relationship better and to be much more efficient in resolving the problems and conflicts in the future. Hopefully changing that future to the better.

Can you help?

We strongly believe in this idea. It is based on a psychological research and a great feedback from thousands of kids and parents using the dolls. But we need YOU to believe in it too. For the sake of your kids and other kids around the globe – to make them feel better, safer, happier.

There are many ways that you can help – spread the word, give suggestions and ask questions ( or just comments below), and finally – support our crowd-funding campaign on AppBackr.

It works like this – you give us a certain sum of money via this special platform. In turn we promise and AppBackr helps to ensure that when we start selling the apps we return you 50% more than you initially “borrowed”. It is an amazing win-win situation – we get more funds for marketing of the apps and you contribute to the idea, help spreading it and finally get your money back and even more!

If it sounds like a plan please visit our page on AppBackr, learn more about the platform and the project and give us some push! Thank you!