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If you have followed us for a while you already know that there is something big happening. We have teamed up with the company Mental Picture which is focused on helping kids to cope with their emotions. Currently they do it with the help of a specially designed toy Friendy. And very soon it will become an app. Or should we say “THE app”.


First things first

To start with, what is it all about? We have mentioned it a few times and will shortly do it here. The dolls that you have just seen deal with 6 basic feelings – anger, sadness, fear, discontent, happiness and calmness. Psychologists say that these feelings are the most common in our lives and many other emotions that we experience build on their top. Thus understanding these basic feelings may help us and our children tremendously in the everyday live.

Each feeling may be discussed with kids separately. You just take the doll and talk. Why does it happen? How to cope with it? When did you have it last time? What did you do? What should you do next time? Children can draw different feelings and situations, act themselves mimicking particular feeling, learn to accept and not be afraid of these emotions, learn to express and talk about them.

And now – you will be able to pick up the app and do the same! It is in the state of active development and will be released in early February. Kids will be able to do everything they could with real dolls and even more. It will be interactive, interesting and engaging. Check out some of the animations that we have created:

What are the positive effects? Children get to know themselves better – they build the self-esteem, manage to cope with negative emotions and stress, learn what they could do in the case they feel a particular emotion. As a result, they also become more empathic, able to communicate and build the relationship better and to be much more efficient in resolving the problems and conflicts in the future. Hopefully changing that future to the better.

Can you help?

We strongly believe in this idea. It is based on a psychological research and a great feedback from thousands of kids and parents using the dolls. But we need YOU to believe in it too. For the sake of your kids and other kids around the globe – to make them feel better, safer, happier.

There are many ways that you can help – spread the word, give suggestions and ask questions ( or just comments below), and finally – support our crowd-funding campaign on AppBackr.

It works like this – you give us a certain sum of money via this special platform. In turn we promise and AppBackr helps to ensure that when we start selling the apps we return you 50% more than you initially “borrowed”. It is an amazing win-win situation – we get more funds for marketing of the apps and you contribute to the idea, help spreading it and finally get your money back and even more!

If it sounds like a plan please visit our page on AppBackr, learn more about the platform and the project and give us some push! Thank you!

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