Feb 2012 14

Today is a great day. We celebrate love, attention, and happiness of being together. Therefore I could not miss it and not to wish you all a great, happy, wonderful and “appy” (I have borrowed that from Technology in Education)  Valentine’s Day!!!

I will not write much today. Just wanted to say that we have happily submitted one more app to the AppStore. More info on that is coming soon.

And one more thing – as today is a Valentine’s day, please give us a heart at Moo for Kids – I Heart This App and help us become an app of the week! Thanks!

And lastly – a very nice and cute Valentine’s day song. Enjoy!

Nov 2011 05

As I wrote before, we participated in the 24h Business Camp and created our firs app called Moo for Kids there.

The game allows kids to learn different animals and sounds they make simply by clicking their pictures. Even more interesting, it allows them to guess, which animal made a particular sound – for example “Moo”.

We needed to present our game at the Business Came after it was ready. We were thinking how to tell it nicely, and came up with our little story. Here it goes:

To serve you better, we wanted to hear your opinion – about the game, about the website, you name it. Please let us know what do you think in the comments! Thank you!

Oct 2011 30

Wow, I am so excited to write about this. We are finally at the Business Camp. Here we will create our first game for children. And it all will happen in just 24 hours. The start is tomorrow. So check it often, we will be posting updates!

apps for kids windows phone 7 - at the camp

Long story short

We are two young entrepreneurs, Ole and Vlad. Our vision is to create simple and yet useful apps for kids. We are starting right now, and will be creating our app during the Business Camp.

There are more than 4o teams here, all with their own ideas, all will be implementing them tomorrow.

The event is held at Japanese Spa Hotel, so everyone is wearing a bathrobe, which makes it cool. Of course everyone looks the same, but the atmosphere is great!