Nov 2011 05

As I wrote before, we participated in the 24h Business Camp and created our firs app called Moo for Kids there.

The game allows kids to learn different animals and sounds they make simply by clicking their pictures. Even more interesting, it allows them to guess, which animal made a particular sound – for example “Moo”.

We needed to present our game at the Business Came after it was ready. We were thinking how to tell it nicely, and came up with our little story. Here it goes:

To serve you better, we wanted to hear your opinion – about the game, about the website, you name it. Please let us know what do you think in the comments! Thank you!

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  1. David

    Why windows phone? why not an iphone?

    • Ole

      Thanks for the question!

      We expect Microsoft Marketplace to grow. Therefore we are taking an opportunity to get on early enough.

      IPhones market is already quite saturated, however we will develop our apps for the AppStore too!

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    […] Camp. I have already mentioned on this blog, that it went really well – we created the app, did a nice presentation, and got involved into the crowdfunding campaign for our project. I don’t even mention all the […]

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