We have lots of friends. Obviosly, we cannot list all of them here. And there is no reason for that.

However, we would like to link back to some of them, because they helped us in some way.

  • Website of Bronislovas Burgis – a principal of probably the best gymnasium in Lithuania – KTU Gymnasium. Here you will find his thoughts about life, school and many more. The page is in Lithuanian, but there is always google translate! Bronislovas told his readers about our yet small company and crowdfunding campaign. This is a really great support in our early development stage!


  • Microsoft at Sweden – We have asked Swedish office of Microsoft for some help participating in the 24h Business Camp competition. And we got it – they borrowed us a phone with Windows Phone 7 system, allowing us to successfully participate and win the competition.
  • Crowdfunding platform – it is a great platform if you need some extra cash and visibility. This is also the place where we got our first real money from. We got 562 euro from 39 people – amazing! Thanks to all our supporters and to FundedByMe for this opportunity. And money is just a side effect – what you really want to get is VISIBILITY. Want it? Try it yourself!


Thanks to everyone who supports us!