Dec 2011 30

It is time to round up our Christmas contest. As announced last week, we were giving away 6 Promo Codes of the Moo for Kids game. All you had to do to get it, was to write why you like the game on its page.


What others think

We are happy that we have received very nice reviews – both on the page mentioned above and on our Apps and Kids facebook page. Here are some quotes that we got:

Wow!! My kids would love this game. My son loves to push on items and laugh hysterically when he hears sounds and effects!!! My daughter would love the guessing part, she loves to think!


my 16 month old generalizes, so every animal says woof woof right now. this game looks like a lot of fun for him. and the 4 yr old would like the guessing game!


This looks fun for identification of animal sounds and imitation of sounds!


My 2.5 year old animal lover would love it! we would get her a cow fr Christmas f we could-they are er favourite-her sound effects are not bad either when she plays ‘cow’ born in “09, year f the cow;-)


The animations are so cute! I like that there’s two parts to the game. My son would enjoy the guessing part.


Both my 2 1/2 year old and 5 year old are amused by the animal sounds!!
They will be excited to have a fun app!! 


All the commenters above get their Moo for Kids game. Thank you all for such a nice feedback! Don’t miss upcoming apps, contests and useful tips – follow us on facebook!

Are you interested now? And it is becoming better!

If these sincere opinions woke your interest up, you are more than welcome to visit Moo for Kids game on iTunes.

It is a very nice app for little children:

They need to guess, which animal makes the sound – e.g. “Moo” – and then the animals will dance! Great for keeping your children busy and interested. And they are learning and developing too – what sounds do animals make, associative thinking, eye-hand coordination.

Even more, the game is becoming better now. We are releasing an update very soon. And you will get an improved game flow, much nicer animals and better sounds.

To learn more, just take a look at the game page on our website – Moo for Kids. (Do you need a Windows Phone 7 version? Click here!)

We hope you like it! If you do, please rate it on iTunes or just leave your comment here! Thank you!

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