Dec 2011 01

Finally! Our first game for children – Moo for Kids – is at the Microsoft Marketplace now. Want to try it? Go ahead and download it into your Windows Phone 7.

I have already written quite a lot about this game, but for someone who perhaps just landed on this website I will tell it briefly one more time. Moo for Kids is the first game for kids that we have created. It allows children to learn different animals, to train memory and develop associative thinking. You just have to guess, which animal says “Moo” (or any other sound) and it will dance for you!

Check out this short video, in which my daughter Sofia test drives the app:

It is really short this time, but I am going to create and upload a bit longer version later on.

In addition, I am planning to create more videos with Sofia playing different games – she does it from time to time anyways. And I hope it will help you to choose better in the future. So stay tuned for “Sofia test drives” series!

If you want to learn more about the game and how it was created, you can create some of our older blog posts – Creating our first game at the 24h Business Camp and Winning the Business Camp.

And finally – have fun! We hope you share it with us in the comments!

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