Moo for Kids HD

Moo for Kids HD is a great learning game for kids of age 2 to 5. And the best of all – it is FREE. No strings attached – just our gift to you and your kids!

While you and your children have fun together, the little one learns different animals and their voices, develops associative thinking and improves the eye-hand coordination.

The game is also perfect to entertain the kid in the car, waiting at the airport, or just when you are busy.

The game has two parts – learning and guessing. In the learning part kids can scroll and touch the animals and laugh when they hear different sounds in response. In the guessing part three animals are shown and a sound is made. Guess which animal is that and it will give you a small performance!

Get Moo for Kids on iTunes! It’s FREE!

And to make it even easier to decide – a video and screenshots!

A link for your convenience – Moo for Kids on iTunes. Have a great time with your kids!