Friendy Emotions is an app that helps your kids to manage their feelings. Based on the real-life doll Friendy helping kids in more than 500 kindergardens all-over Skandinavia, it is now available for you too.
Moo for Kids HD - an iPad app for the smallest children. Clap, hear and smile! Easy to use and fun to play.
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Oct 2012 05

Have you been angry today? Have you been yesterday? If not, congratulations, you are happier than 90% of people on our planet. If yes – that’s totally fine. As we know, all the feelings are OK. Just not all the behavior.

Today we are starting a series of sneak peek videos presenting our upcoming app created in collaborations with professional psychologists from Mental Picture. And the first feeling is Anger:

One of the game-points in the app is asking yourself – why can you and others be angry? Let’s try it! Tell us in the comments – what can make you or your kids angry?

Three random commenters will get a little surprise!
(Please keep in mind that we will use the email you provide in the answer form to give it to you – and only for that. We respect your privacy!)

Sep 2012 14

Recently I am in the middle of thoughts, debates and considerations about the different purposes that apps for kids have. Certainly, most of them aim to be fun since they need to invoke kids’ interest to play. At the same time quite a lot of apps and games boast their educational value and content. Can this be combined or not? Should it be combined in the end?


Jul 2012 25

We have special sentiments towards “Moo for Kids” app. It was our first app, it allowed us to learn important lessons, it gave us the joy of first downloads and it is a great fun for small kids. Now we have even better news. Fully updated and animated iPad app Moo for Kids HD is released. And we wanted to give you a small present – it is free!

Moo for Kids HD - iPad apps for kids

Moo for Kids HD is an iPad version of our old good friend, iPhone app Moo for Kids. It also has two parts – learning and guessing. Your kids will explore a wonderful world of nature and listen to the real animal sounds. After this they will play a game trying to guess, which animal made a particular sound – “moo”, “wow-wow” or “meow”. This will help them to develop associative thinking, fine motor skills and memory. All being a great fun at the same time.

Of course, you would like to see it in action. Therefore, we have prepared a small video for you:

Don’t wait. Moo for Kids HD is FREE. No strings attached, no hidden advertising or in-app purchases. Download it here! (Interested in an iPhone app instead? This is the link).

Let us know if you like it! Thanks!

Jul 2012 06

We are all stressed in our crazily fast world. It is not surprising that so many people experience emotional and psychological problems every day. We don’t know how to overcome them, how to understand and help others, even how to understand and help ourselves. What about our kids then? Can we help at least them? You can and this is how.

Psychology of feelings

Our communication with the others, good relationships and conflict managing in the end are all based on a “simple” understanding of ourselves and our own emotions. Only after you understand what does it mean to be sad can you understand what a crying friend feels. Only after you understand what does it mean to be angry, can you help someone else to calm down. And what’s important is that experiencing a feeling does not mean that we understand it.


Jun 2012 01

As I wrote yesterday, we have just released our first iPad app for Kids – Animal Tiles for Kids HD. And it is time to celebrate its release and the Children’s day.

Today I just have a simple question for you to answer: guess how many animals are there in this new app. If you guess it, we will give you the promo code!

To get a feel of the game, here is a video:

We are waiting for your answers in the comment section!

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We run the contest through the weekend. First 10 to answer first will get the app. Please keep in mind that we will use the email address you enter in the comments here to contact you in case you win. It will not be used for any other purposes or transferred to any third parties. Your privacy is important for us!

Once again, you can get the game on the iTunes here!

May 2012 25

We would like to welcome you with a gift today. We have set our iPhone app Animal Tiles for Kids to be free for just one day. And you can download it from the iTunes right now!

Animal TIles for Kids - iPhone App for Children

What’s Animal Tiles for Kids?

It is a great app for little children. Just let them take first steps in solving puzzles, developing logical thinking and having fun with different animals. Just drag pieces of a puzzle into the right places and animals will give you a little performance! Easy and fun for the ages of 3 to 5.

iPhone app for Kids - Animal TilesBut wait, it will become even better soon! We have drastically improved the animations used in the game. And we are also releasing an iPad version of the app.

Again, it is free today for the App Friday – a special Facebook party organized by Moms with Apps. Every week you can get great deals on iPhone and iPad apps for kids. And this weak Animal Tiles is one of those deals.

Going iPad

We are also excited with an upcoming iPad app. It will be called Animal Tiles for Kids HD and will be released in the nearest future. It is still in review at Apple at the moment of writing, though we hoped it to be out by today. We will tell you as soon as it is out – just be sure to follow us on Facebook. E.g. by clicking a button below:

What’s new in that app? We have changed the animals and animations completely. Also added a small section for parents to read more about the app and improved the game flow. The same features are coming into the iPhone app soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you note

We also wanted to say thank you to our friends at They gave us a few advices on developing digital iPad books that we are considering to create in the future. We were really inspired by their app Forgotten Colors. Be sure to check it out!

And as always – if you have any notes to add, be our guests in the comment section! Have a great weekend!