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Mar 2012 17

Today I stumbled upon a question about what makes the apps for kids really children-friendly. Probably it is not enough to just throw in some funny characters and sounds. One has to carefully think it through, consider possible issues and positive moments. Let’s discuss some aspects that can impact the ultimate decision of buying the app or not.


Mar 2012 05

How to make a usual game even more fun? Perhaps take it to the new level? Make it engaging, interactive, easy to grasp? This is what AppsAndKids has done with a new “Animal Tiles for Kids” iPhone app. Not only does it provide an entertaining activity for the kids but also allows to develop logical thinking, fine motor skills and to learn different animals.

Animal Tiles for Kids - iPhone app for Kids
Consider puzzle solving as an example. Puzzle solving is something that kids and adults engage with every day. If the child is trying to solve a puzzle, he or she is actually preparing to solve much bigger problems in the future.

That’s why so many puzzle games surround our children. They are given jig-saw puzzles, asked riddles, offered the tangrams to collect. It is also popular to give the tiled images to small children in order for them to collect the correct full image. It can be either an image of an animal, a fruit, or anything else.

This is how the idea of Animal Tiles for Kids game has been developed. All in itself being fun and useful activity for the kids puzzle solving can be made even more attractive with the help of an iPhone.

The game is geared towards the kids of 3-5 years old and is designed in a way that allows kids to easily navigate the game without any particular instructions or supervision. Children are presented with an image of an animal scattered into tiles. After the animal – say it’s a cow – is correctly collected by simply dragging the tiles, it congratulates the child with a small dance. And it will even say “moo” if touched again.

Besides the development of a problem solving and pattern recognition skills, the game allows kids to improve finger movement coordination, recognize animals and definitely to have lots of fun. Parents at the same time can be sure that it is not some type of a “time-killer” app, but a game which actually provides a value to the children. Therefore parents may have a deserved little break – even the best ones need that. Sometimes.

Positive feedback and traction from the customers is starting to flow back. “Animal Tiles for Kids looks great for 4 and older” says Jen, one of the parents using the game with her children. And it surely does.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* 13.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Animal Tiles for Kids 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

At AppsAndKids educational and fun iPhone apps for kids are developed and discussed. Being parents themselves, members of the AppsAndKids team understand needs and wishes of other parents and their children. That’s why the best effort is made to create each game engaging to play and providing positive value – either teaching the child something new or developing creative skills, eye-hand coordination, problem solving skills. Games are being constantly improved based on the feedback from the customers and new games are being created inspired by the ideas coming from all around – other parents, kids, schools and team’s own experience. If you want to learn more, be sure to visit AppsAndKids. You are welcome. Copyright (C) 2012 All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Link to the Press Release:

Mar 2012 02

As I have written a few days ago, we have just released Animal Tiles for Kids game. And it is an interesting question which app is better and why – in your opinion.

Animal Tiles for Kids - iPhone apps for kids vs Moo for Kids - iPhone app for kids

We want to hear your thoughts so much! Please tell us in the comments – which app do you like more and why. We will give the Promo Codes to 3 first commenters and to 3 random commenters as well. Of course, you will get the app which you like more.

In order to help you to make a choice, here are the two videos featuring the apps:

Animal Tiles for Kids:

Moo for Kids:

Want to know more? Read about Animal Tiles for Kids and Moo for Kids on their pages on our website.

We will round it up on Monday, 5th of March. Waiting to hear your feedback – it is highly appreciated! (Please note – we will use the email you enter in the comment form below to contact you in case you win. It will not be used for any other purposes – we respect your privacy.)

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Feb 2012 29

What is the key for creating an interesting iPhone app for kids? Taking a real life experience and transforming it to a new level. A new app Animal Tiles for Kids does exactly that. And this is how.

Children love puzzles, something tricky but possible to solve. What about making that a bit more interactive and fun? If the child has an animal tiles puzzle, say scattered image of a frog, perhaps the frog could say “quack”? If the parents are nearby, they could try making these sounds themselves (I wish I could hear that). Or they could switch on the iPhone. Watch the video below to see it all in action.

We are happy that the game is finally out and that you can download it for your kids.


Feb 2012 26

In todays quick post I wanted to share an important update we have. We have just released an update for Moo for Kids game. And in addition to that – a Lite version too. So now you can try it out before buying the “full” version.

Moo for Kid iphone app on AppStore

Let’s talk about the update first

First of all, we have received feedback from the current users of the app, and decided to improve some details in the game. I believe it is much more pleasant and easier to play now.


Feb 2012 16

You know how it happens. You go visiting your relatives just to realize that all your kids’ toys are left at home. Of course, that is not that great. You can go ahead, and invent something on the place. However usually the child will either be bored or you will need to spend all the time with him or her. Great news is that iPhones and other smartphones can be used to our advantage here. For example, one can just use some nice iPhone apps for kids.


Feb 2012 14

Today is a great day. We celebrate love, attention, and happiness of being together. Therefore I could not miss it and not to wish you all a great, happy, wonderful and “appy” (I have borrowed that from Technology in Education)  Valentine’s Day!!!

I will not write much today. Just wanted to say that we have happily submitted one more app to the AppStore. More info on that is coming soon.

And one more thing – as today is a Valentine’s day, please give us a heart at Moo for Kids – I Heart This App and help us become an app of the week! Thanks!

And lastly – a very nice and cute Valentine’s day song. Enjoy!

Jan 2012 12

While the iPhone and children don’t necessarily mix 100% of the time, the device certainly has more positive impacts to it than negative. It’s all about how you utilize the device and maximize it to your advantage. Here are some ways for you to do exactly that.

Provide your kids a great learning experience.

With the right iPhone apps, many a world of knowledge is simply waiting to be discovered by your children. Don’t just use the iPhone as a distraction for when you know a certain waiting time will be necessary; deliberately schedule a time after dinner when you can all sit down and enjoy a word game or two.