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Moo for Kids HD - an iPad app for the smallest children. Clap, hear and smile! Easy to use and fun to play.
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Dec 2011 31

New Year’s night is a time for miracles. And they do happen. Moo for Kids iPhone app becomes free. Just for one day – January 1. It is your chance!

What is Moo for Kids?

If you are new here, you may wonder what Moo for Kids is about.

It is an interactive and educational game for children. Kids learn different animals and the sounds they make. Guess which animal said “Moo”! A portion of laughing is guaranteed!

Watching is better than 1000 of words. Just check this video:

Want to know more? Head on to the Moo for Kids on iTunes or check its page on our website – you will see what other parents think about it.

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And – spread it, like it and comment! Thank you! Happy New Year!

Dec 2011 30

It is time to round up our Christmas contest. As announced last week, we were giving away 6 Promo Codes of the Moo for Kids game. All you had to do to get it, was to write why you like the game on its page.


What others think

We are happy that we have received very nice reviews – both on the page mentioned above and on our Apps and Kids facebook page. Here are some quotes that we got:

Wow!! My kids would love this game. My son loves to push on items and laugh hysterically when he hears sounds and effects!!! My daughter would love the guessing part, she loves to think!


my 16 month old generalizes, so every animal says woof woof right now. this game looks like a lot of fun for him. and the 4 yr old would like the guessing game!



Dec 2011 23

Christmas time! Also for the Apps and Kids.

Therefore we have decided to give away 6 Moo for Kids apps as a present – via small contest. Just tell us why do you think it will suit you or your child. Please do it on the Moo for Kids app page – click this link! First 3 commenters will get it, and 3 random commenters as well.

To get the feel of it, check out this video:

We are working on a nice update, which will make the game even better.

Please tell tell your friends about this contest by pressing sharing buttons on the left or below!

Have a great time during the holidays!

Dec 2011 16

Can you imagine this: Saturday evening, you do not have to hurry anywhere, you can enjoy and spend time with your beloved ones. Perhaps you had a nice dinner – one of those great ones – with perfect food, enjoyable atmosphere, some nice music and candles.

And suddenly your child starts to look for something. He or she checks out the drawers, the table in the kitchen, the pocket of your jacket  – the places where you usually keep your iPhone. He finds one. Starts it up and wants to play. But all you have are these old boring games he played for months now. Such a perfect evening can’t be spoiled… Your child must get something new!

If this Saturday is tomorrow – you are saved. Because there is something new. There is something that can surprise and entertain him. There is something that can even teach him a bit. It is called Moo for Kids. Finally released for the iPhone and coming up this Saturday – 17 December. Right before the Christmas. Right before the New Year. Relax and enjoy!

iphone app for kids - moo for kids game

What is Moo for Kids all about?

Moo for Kids is a nice cute game for little children. It is fun, entertaining and educational at the same time.

There are two parts in the game. In the first one children can learn different animals and the sound they  make – kids scroll through the animals, touch them and listen to the sounds. It is fun, it helps to develop the eye-hand coordination and teaches the child what different animals “say”.

In the second part 3 animals are shown and a sound is made. Now the kid should guess, which animal is that! If he does, the animal will dance for him – another round of laughing and giggling guaranteed! At the same time the memory and associative thinking are working and being developed. Children not only learn something – they apply it in the game right away.

Ok, how can I get it?

As said, Moo for Kids appears at the AppStore tomorrow, 17 December. I will post a link here as soon as it happens. Update: our first iPhone app Moo for Kids on the AppStore. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts – be my guest in the comment section below! Thanks!

Dec 2011 01

Finally! Our first game for children – Moo for Kids – is at the Microsoft Marketplace now. Want to try it? Go ahead and download it into your Windows Phone 7.

I have already written quite a lot about this game, but for someone who perhaps just landed on this website I will tell it briefly one more time. Moo for Kids is the first game for kids that we have created. It allows children to learn different animals, to train memory and develop associative thinking. You just have to guess, which animal says “Moo” (or any other sound) and it will dance for you!

Check out this short video, in which my daughter Sofia test drives the app:


Nov 2011 16

I am excited to write this short post. We have won. The people’s choice award of the 24h Business Camp is ours. If someone does not believe it (I didn’t first), check it out on the official website of the camp – 24h Business Camp. It is in Swedish, but hey, there is Google Translate out there!

What does it give us? Of course, we can shout about it on the streets now. However more important is that we can take it out and show to others, show it to you! We are also getting a chance to present ourselves at the Internet Days event in Stockholm next week. All that looks great.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We are really burning with our project right now. New ideas are born every day. Todo list is getting bigger and bigger.


Nov 2011 09

It is all about kids lately. All the thoughts, all the actions. It has just become a new lifestyle and I am fully content with that.

I have a little daughter, Sofia. We get along well and often have fun together. Playing with her, seeing her laughing and being happy inspires and makes me think.

I start thinking of how to help others – parents, kids, grandparents – to get this thin thread called good relationships with the child.

windows phone 7 apps for kids - me and sofia


Nov 2011 05

As I wrote before, we participated in the 24h Business Camp and created our firs app called Moo for Kids there.

The game allows kids to learn different animals and sounds they make simply by clicking their pictures. Even more interesting, it allows them to guess, which animal made a particular sound – for example “Moo”.

We needed to present our game at the Business Came after it was ready. We were thinking how to tell it nicely, and came up with our little story. Here it goes:

To serve you better, we wanted to hear your opinion – about the game, about the website, you name it. Please let us know what do you think in the comments! Thank you!

Nov 2011 02

Our first game for children, Moo for Kids, is ready. We will submit it to the Marketplace soon. There are some issues with this process, but we hope to overcome it. We have even contacted the Microsoft office in Sweden and they promised to help.

Today I wanted to post a preview of the game, here we go:

In this video I show how to play the game and how it looks like.

The game consists of two parts. In the first, a kid can learn different sound the animals make. Just press an animal and it will respond!

The second part is even more interesting. We show three animals and make a sound. If a child guesses which animal is that, the animal will dance and a child will receive a round of applause!

I also gave it to test drive to my daughter. She took the game very well and the whole evening was coming back to the phone, pointing to it (she doesn’t speak yet) and asking to play a little bit more.

Hope you like it too! Please let us know what you think in the comments!

And the last thing I wanted to mention – you can also check out our project at the 24h Business Camp website.