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Last year we have posted an article discussing what makes the app children-friendly. After it got posted I started to think about the parents also. Shouldn’t the kids’ app be parents-friendly in the first place? Let’s see how we could enhance the apps to keep both parties happy!

 Children-friendly features making the app parent-friendly

As we talked in the mentioned article, there are many aspects that make an app children-friendly or not. For example it should not contain in-app purchases and ads disturbing child’s attention. In addition, it should be easy and intuitive to use the app. Finally, it should provide a value for the kids – it is just great if they can improve some practical or social skills while playing! Or just learn something new.

Guess what? Of course if the app satisfies these criteria, it is just great for the parents too! You do not have to help your kids out of the advertisement’s trap. You don’t have to constantly help the kid with navigation while he or she plays. You don’t have to worry about your credit card being ripped off via the in-app purchase! And you know that kids are not just wasting their time – they are learning. Can it get even more parents-friendly than that? I hope so.

Enhancements making an app even more parents-friendly

Well, there are some things on the top that can make an app appeal parents better.

Most of the parents are scared of noisy games. Therefore we suggest that the apps with “screamy” and disturbing sounds do not fall into the parents-friendly category. On the opposite, if the sounds and melodies are moderate and non-obtrusive (or can even be switched off) then the app is more acceptable for us, ever-tired parents. In short, parents-friendly apps should spare our ears!

And one more thing that makes the app parent-friendly is a balance between occupying the child for an extensive period of time and not making him or her over-excited. It is great if the kid can play during the longer waiting time or a car drive and not get bored. What we don’t want however is a child who cannot calm down after that. Unfortunately this may be sometimes the case with the addictive competition-style games. Therefore be cautious when you are choosing!

We hope that you find as many parents-friendly apps as possible (join our newsletter and learn how!). We also strive to make sure that our own apps satisfy as much of the above as possible. Do you think there is something more to add to the list? What makes YOU, a parent, like the app? What doesn’t? Tell us in the comments!


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