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While the iPhone and children don’t necessarily mix 100% of the time, the device certainly has more positive impacts to it than negative. It’s all about how you utilize the device and maximize it to your advantage. Here are some ways for you to do exactly that.

Provide your kids a great learning experience.

With the right iPhone apps, many a world of knowledge is simply waiting to be discovered by your children. Don’t just use the iPhone as a distraction for when you know a certain waiting time will be necessary; deliberately schedule a time after dinner when you can all sit down and enjoy a word game or two.

Use it to keep the kids entertained.

Instead of having your children mindlessly tinker away on Game Boys or other devices that are bulky and a pain to carry, take the iPhone with you instead. Prior to the trip, you can sit down and choose together the games each child would like to play during the trip. This way you get to save luggage space and come up with a solution for when the trip starts to bore the kids.

Playing with the iPhone helps children become technologically savvy.

No matter how much we deny it or try to hinder it the iPhone and other similar devices are the future. We might as well get on board and get our kids on the right track by helping them learn and maximise the features and applications of the iPhone.

It fosters bonding among family members.

In an age where it’s so difficult to get everyone together all at the same time to sit down for a meal or to play a game, use the iPhone as a tool to get everyone to bond by playing a game or two on weekends. The whole family can join. You can even make the activity extra fun by coming with a grand prize or reward such as candy or a week off from doing chores.

These are some of the many positive impacts of your kids playing with the iPhone. There are many ways for this advancement in technology to be used for your advantage. We hope that playing the games on the iPhone will help your children to develop and learn better! Do you think so too? Tell it in comments!

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