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As I wrote yesterday, we have just released our first iPad app for Kids – Animal Tiles for Kids HD. And it is time to celebrate its release and the Children’s day.

Today I just have a simple question for you to answer: guess how many animals are there in this new app. If you guess it, we will give you the promo code!

To get a feel of the game, here is a video:

We are waiting for your answers in the comment section!

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We run the contest through the weekend. First 10 to answer first will get the app. Please keep in mind that we will use the email address you enter in the comments here to contact you in case you win. It will not be used for any other purposes or transferred to any third parties. Your privacy is important for us!

Once again, you can get the game on the iTunes here!

0 Responses to “Simple Question. Guess and Get the App!”

  1. Kate


    • Ole

      Thanks for the answer! I’ll wait with any comments or hints.

  2. Ker

    I saw eight in the video…I’ll guess 15 total. Cute app!

    • Ole

      We will see if you were right soon!

  3. Mandi

    My guess is 28 animals!!

    • Ole

      Hi Mandi!

      Well, 28 was the amount in the old version. This time we have actually reduced the amount of animals – but they have much better animations instead. I hope we’ll add the other animals back in the future.

      Anyway, I was going to count 28 as a correct answer if someone answers so šŸ™‚

  4. Ole

    Thanks to all for the answers!

    The contest is finished now.

    The correct answer is 20 animals.

    All the participants were close enough though and get the app! Congratulations!

    Stay tuned for more fun!

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