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What is the key for creating an interesting iPhone app for kids? Taking a real life experience and transforming it to a new level. A new app Animal Tiles for Kids does exactly that. And this is how.

Children love puzzles, something tricky but possible to solve. What about making that a bit more interactive and fun? If the child has an animal tiles puzzle, say scattered image of a frog, perhaps the frog could say “quack”? If the parents are nearby, they could try making these sounds themselves (I wish I could hear that). Or they could switch on the iPhone. Watch the video below to see it all in action.

We are happy that the game is finally out and that you can download it for your kids.

Why should you get it

I am not going to feed you with any sales pitches here. Just wanted to bring out a few more points about the game.

First, let’s see what children get from the app. Moving the tiles with little fingers certainly adds up to the fine motor skills development. Recognizing the patterns, bringing tiles back in order, solving the puzzles – it is all about learning and preparing for similar tasks in their future lives. In their real lives. And they can prepare themselves via playing, having a great fun at the same time.

On the other hand for the parents it is a moment to take a break. Yes, go and grab your coffee! You have just given your child a game that helps him develop and enjoy the process. And when you are done with your coffee break, you can still join your child and play together. It is fun for adults as well, we promise!

And we are of course open to any comments and suggestions. Here in the comments section, on the app page, or in the form of a review – after getting Animal Tiles for Kids on AppStore.

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