Jun 2012 29

I am really excited writing this post today. We have released an updated versions of the Animal Tiles for Kids app for iPad and iPhone. And even better – we have partnered up with a company specializing in the children psychology and will create an app together. Let’s take it one at a time!

Updated the Animal Tiles app

Our first apps were based on the idea that it should be easy for kids to navigate the app, understand how to play and to have fun. We still believe that it should be the case – but there is always room for improvement. Just recently we have released an updated version of the Animal Tiles for Kids. And what’s great about it are just outstanding animations of the animals. It was never so fun to play before! We have fixed several issues for the iPad app and there is one more update of the iPhone app coming which will make it just perfect. We hope you like the app – if so, tell us by leaving a review and rating in the iTunes (for iPad. Or here for iPhone). It is greatly appreciated!

New app is coming in October

If you have been coming to our website recently, you probably have noticed quite a long pause in posts. The deal is that besides working on the updates for the apps we were busy discussing and negotiating a collaboration with our new partners. It is a company working in the field of children’s psychology and aiming to help kids to manage their feelings. They do it in a very interesting way – via playing with a special toys. And we will build an app upon that idea. We are sure that this topic deserves a special attention and therefore we will provide you with more details about it in the nearest future. Don’t miss it – subscribe to our newsletter or join us on Facebook!

And the last thing. If you have any suggestions or comments – let us know – just below!

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