Nov 2011 16

I am excited to write this short post. We have won. The people’s choice award of the 24h Business Camp is ours. If someone does not believe it (I didn’t first), check it out on the official website of the camp – 24h Business Camp. It is in Swedish, but hey, there is Google Translate out there!

What does it give us? Of course, we can shout about it on the streets now. However more important is that we can take it out and show to others, show it to you! We are also getting a chance to present ourselves at the Internet Days event in Stockholm next week. All that looks great.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We are really burning with our project right now. New ideas are born every day. Todo list is getting bigger and bigger.

I love both sides of our project. First, I can create something useful for children and their parents. Second, I have to think of different ways to keep this going, to find money or to bootstrap without them.

For example, we didn’t have a phone with Windows Phone 7 system. And instead of buying one, I have decided to get one. And we did. After contacting the right people at the Swedish office of Microsoft, they have borrowed us a phone for the competition. Thanks a lot for that!

We are not stopping with the Moo for Kids. We are already designing our next app. It is something special for the Christmas. Follow us on facebook or twitter, and you will not miss it!

Crowdfunding still on-going

We won due to the crowdfunding campaign on We got more people supporting us than other teams, and that was the winning criteria at the Business Camp.

Despite the fact that the contest is over, our crowdfunding campaign is not! At the moment of writing it is still 13 days left. Therefore if you like our website, our idea and feel like helping – please support us! You can do that on our project page at The money will be used for designing, developing and marketing our new apps. Thank you!

Before I finish, I wanted to post this video that we used for our crowdfunding. I just like that it explains our ideas briefly and nicely:

And the last call to action: please let us know what do you think about our app in the comments! Any feedback is appreciated!



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