Oct 2011 24

How to entertain a kid? Give him a good game!

And we will create it during the 24 hours Business Camp – app for children to play on Windows Phone 7.

Apps for Kids For Windows Phone 7

Why application for children?

Such application is a perfect toy, a great learning tool. And it is fun for kids!

Idea of our app is simple – we show the child pictures of different animals. If he touches a picture, the animal makes a sound. The child smiles, learns different animals, develops associative thinking.

The second part of the game is the opposite – we show several pictures of animals, and make a sound. Guess, which animal was that? If you do, he will dance for you! And this is time for a great laugh.

We often try to entertain and teach children in a similar way – show them pictures in the book and make noises, buy toys making funny sounds. Let’s do the same in the mobile game!

Why windows phone?

Windows Phones 7 was launched in Sweden recently. That is a new great market and opportunity. We are eager to take it and create some good apps! It is time to start creating them in Sweden!

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