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Our first game for children, Moo for Kids, is ready. We will submit it to the Marketplace soon. There are some issues with this process, but we hope to overcome it. We have even contacted the Microsoft office in Sweden and they promised to help.

Today I wanted to post a preview of the game, here we go:

In this video I show how to play the game and how it looks like.

The game consists of two parts. In the first, a kid can learn different sound the animals make. Just press an animal and it will respond!

The second part is even more interesting. We show three animals and make a sound. If a child guesses which animal is that, the animal will dance and a child will receive a round of applause!

I also gave it to test drive to my daughter. She took the game very well and the whole evening was coming back to the phone, pointing to it (she doesn’t speak yet) and asking to play a little bit more.

Hope you like it too! Please let us know what you think in the comments!

And the last thing I wanted to mention – you can also check out our project at the 24h Business Camp website.

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  1. Erik

    Nice job, guys. Looked around Business Camp website and noticed your team. Hope you take it further. Good luck!

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