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Finally we got our new app “Friendy Emotions” out into the wild. As open and sincere as possible hope we that it will be useful and liked by you. Why? Because it will help your children to:

Become more confident

The app is based on the EQ, emotional intelligence, concept and rolls around six basic feelings that we experience: anger, sadness, fear, happiness, being grumpy and calm.

Why do we get these feelings? What to do and not to do when you experience them? How do you look and feel when you have a certain feeling? How do you calm yourself or others down?

If your child can answer these questions, the first step in building the self-confidence is done.

Minimize stress

One of the biggest benefits you and your child can get from the app is learning to cope with different emotions and situations that cause them. We are always in a hurry, stressed out, angry at someone, sad or afraid of something. Can we help our kids to escape all that? Probably not and shouldn’t. All of these feelings are valid and impossible to avoid.

But we can help them to cope with it easier. Do you know what a big difference for your child a simple acceptance and confirmation of his or her feeling can make? Just try it the next time – say: “Yes, you are sad. I want to help you. Let’s see what we can do here”.

Build better relationships

Being able to handle feelings in a constructive way lays the ground for better relationships later in life. Either being able to help their friends or just knowing what is ok or not to do goes the big way. Empathy, ability to understand others comes next. It does not come overnight. It builds up slowly. But we can definitely help our children by learning and talking to them about it.

And simply feel better

The main purpose of the app is to help the kids to feel better. As we discussed above, the child will learn to handle their feelings, feel more confident, experience less stress and develop social abilities. We showed you just a few examples. You will find more in the app – in the language that your child can understand.

No strings attached. Go ahead, read about it on the AppStore and make your mind. You know best what your children need.

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